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Cars and Caravans

Fiona Crisp's work occupies a liminal territory between object and image.   Coming from a background of sculpture she has for several years now been using large-scale photography as a means to approach our physical and psychological relationship with space.  

In this, her first exhibition at Matt's Gallery, Crisp has installed a series of photographic works taken from two forms of temporary habitation.   The car and caravan enclose an interior, the scale of which relates directly to the body, yet the structure of these banal containers frame and mediate vistas of the outside world.   This scism between a physical occupation of a space and a visual apprehension of a scene is central to Crisp's work and comes in part from her methodology.

The works have all been made using pinhole cameras that have a drilled copper lens but no viewing system.   Through this most basic of means some fundamental principles of photography, notably the depiction of space and time, are brought to the fore, but it is the sealed nature of the cameras that is perhaps of greatest significance.

Working without a view-finder to look through and frame a scene, Crisp eschews the primacy of sight.   Instead, the images are carefully constructed by plotting and measuring the camera as an object in space, the form of the caravans and cars almost becoming a proxy for the camera itself.           

Through this process the viewer is in turn placed within a position of occupation from which to survey a framed scene that hovers between cinematic screen and painterly image.

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Fiona Crisp

Matt's Gallery, London
October - December 2000

Halidon Hill
Cocklawburn Dunes
Highcliffe Estate


All works photographic paper on MDF with coloured aluminium frame.

151 x 121 x 3 cm each. (Edition 3 + A.P.)


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